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Read Raw 2012

1 April 7 pm, Safari Room, Civic Theatre

Fix by Jess Sayer

The first play of the season is by Jess Sayer winner of the 2011 Playmarket Playwrights b4 25 competition. Her play Fix is a black comedy at its blackest. “Grace thought her family was perfect, but they have been hiding something. Something - that will break the family apart. Then her son asks her to fix it – a plea she can’t ignore. No matter the cost.”
Directed By Scott Wills
Cast: Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Michael Hurst, Lauren Gibson, Jordan Selwyn, Michele Hine, Calum Gittins, and Sam Christopher.

6 May 7 pm, Safari Room, Civic Theatre

Stag Weekend by Dan Bain and Brendon Bennetts

Every man should be able to survive in the forest: to hunt, kill and eat his prey... Most men can't. Not that this fact is going to stop these four over confident and under qualified city boys. This distinctly Kiwi comedy follows Simon and his groomsmen on their STAG WE...EKEND.

Directed by James Wenley
Cast: Chris Neels, Andrew Munro, Benjamin Teh, Grae Burton

About the writers:
DAN BAIN writes for the stage and radio. The rest of the time he is a comedian, improviser, theatre director and gentleman. @iamdanbain
BRENDON BENNETTS has written several plays for children including The Adventures of Captain Cook and The Complete Works of Homer (Abridged). Brendon was part of the Court Theatre's 2010 Young Playwrights Initiative where he wrote a poorly timed comedy about the September Earthquake. For fun Brendon improvises with Christchurch's Court Jesters, performs stand up comedy, and teaches High School English.

3 June 7 pm, Safari Room, Civic Theatre

The Uncertainty Principle by Mike Borgfeldt

Jess is a young girl with too many answers and not enough questions, but when a University professor gives her a mysterious device he sets her on an adventure that will teach her not just what she doesn't know, but what she can't know.
Between knowledge and belief, between the classroom and the Church, between Stephen Hawking and Brian Tamaki, there is The Uncertainty Principle.

Directed by Tony Forster
Cast: Kat Glass, Grae Burton, Tom Kane, Simon Clark, Ashton Brown

1 July 7pm, Goodman Fielder Room, Level 4, Aotea Centre

Clash of the Delusions by Rex McGregor

For an assignment on helping the disadvantaged, Iris impersonates a teacher at a low-decile school. Lian and Bryce join the mission. Meanwhile, Fina, Joseph and Damon prepare a welcome home for Matiu, just back from LA with stars in his eyes.

Directed by Grae Burton
Cast: Michelle Blundell (Iris), Dominic Ona-Ariki (Matiu), Ally Xue (Lian), Lavinia 'Uhila (Fina), Ash Jones (Bryce), Andy Sani (Joseph), Neil Amituanai (Damon)

5 August 7 pm, Goodman Fielder Room, Level 4, Aotea Centre

The Glasgow Arms by June Allen 

Big Barbara, Ruth, Legs, Colleen – four women with various pasts meet in 19th century New Zealand at the time of the gold rush. The Glasgow Arms shows that life for women associated with the goldfields was often no less dramatic than it was for the men.

Directed by Tony Forster
Cast: Ruth Dudding, Gavin Leary, Paul Harrop, Kat Glass, Amber Johnson, Belinda Wylie

Note: This is a change from the programme advertised previously and as shown on our printed cards.

2 September 7 pm, Safari Room, Civic Theatre

What I Saw by Laurence Dolan

Sometimes telling the truth can get you into more trouble than telling a lie.

Directed by Alison Quigan
Cast: Grae Burton, Renee Lyons, Simon Clark, Calum Gittins