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Read Raw - 8 June 2014 - Eleven Virtues

The next Read Raw reading will be at 
The Auckland Performing Arts Centre, 100 Motions Rd, Western Springs
Sunday, June 8, 2014, 7.00pm

Eleven Virtues

by Colin Beardon

Why are we supposed to feel happy when the price of houses goes up?  Carol and Mark are a successful Auckland couple who decide to buy a bach on Waiheke Island to relax at weekends. When the Chinese student who looks after the garden meets a homeless ex-soldier something is bound to happen.  When it does, there is a social worker on hand to ensure it is properly recorded.   So much for relaxation.
Campbell Cooley
Alison Titulaer
Hweiling Ow
Max Palamo
Dominic Ona-Ariki

Directed by Tony Forster


2014 Read Raw Search for a Great PlayScript

Auckland Playwrights Collective & The Auckland Performing Arts Centre (TAPAC) announce the 2014 Read Raw Search for a Great PlayScript is now open.

• Open to playwrights resident in the Auckland region
• Full-length playscript with a reading length of no more than 70 minutes
• Fewer characters are preferable
• Scripts should be new and not performed previously
• The chosen script will be offered a day-long workshop with a professional director and actors, followed by a public reading as part of the Read Raw programme.
• The playwright must be available all day on 8 June 2014, to be present at TAPAC for the work-shopping and reading. Do not submit a script if you cannot be present.
• Scripts will be assessed by a panel. If yours is selected you will be contacted with further details. 
• E-mail your script by attachment in PDF format to:
• Closing date:  30 April 2014

Read Raw November 2013 - Leaving Wonderland

Wednesday 20 November, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue

Leaving Wonderland

by Heidi North-Bailey

Everyone you meet has a story. No one enters your life without reason. What happens when two worlds collide?
  Aspiring writer, Kyra, and party girl, Alice, two young New Zealanders, meet on a chance encounter in a dingy hostel in London, and over an evening they strike up an intense friendship. Strangers, or are they?
  A psychological drama asking the questions: Who can we blame? What does anger make us into? And what does guilt make us capable of?

Director: Matt Baker

Cast: Aimee Gestro, Jess Sayer 


Read Raw October 2013 - Junkies

Wednesday 23 October, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue


a black comedy
by Sally Sutton

Four neighbours are putting out the rubbish. All have secrets, all have regrets. But the harder they try to rid their lives of junk, the deeper they sink into the mess. What’s in Dawn’s bag? Where is Pip’s dog? Why are Fern’s brownies green? Why won’t Chrys stop running? And what is that funny smell? Join us for ‘Junkies’: waste management like never before!

Director: Bruce Brown
Cast: Anoushka Klaus, Amelia Reynolds, Kate Vox, Liesha Ward-Knox 


Read Raw September 2013 - The Battle of Tai Chi

18 September, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue

The Battle of Tai Chi

by Gavin James

Edgar is a reclusive war veteran with post traumatic stress disorder. Enter Edgar's estranged daughter Kate, a new nurse to help with his treatment and a few secrets from the past and Edgar's stress levels are about to rise.

Director: James Wenley
Cast: Kevin Keys, Natalie Beran, Ruth Wynne

Read Raw August 2013 - Dog

Wednesday 28 August, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue


by Ben Hutchison

Neville’s dog is dead. A retired war veteran, Neville is intent on paying his dog a worthy tribute. He tries to get his hands on a cannon to initiate a 21-gun salute, but those around him are more concerned that the dead dog is becoming a health issue…

Director: Jeff Szusterman
Cast: Bruce Philips, Leisha Ward Knox, Gareth Williams

Read Raw June 2013 - Tuesdays and Fridays

19 June, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue

Tuesdays and Fridays

by Bronwyn Elsmore

Lill and Hope, a bench in the CBD. Apparently two women from very different backgrounds – the “rude bitch on the bench” and the resident of the “poncy place with a wall and gates”. Or are they?

Director: Margaret-Mary Hollins
Featuring: Margaret Blay, Frances Sullivan

Read Raw May 2013 - The Cousin

22 May, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue

The Cousin

by Alan Williamson

Blackmail, murder, HIV+ and a homophobic cop set the scene as Raymond plans his twisted revenge. But not all goes to plan in this black comedy...

Director: Rita Stone

Cast: Matthew Hadley, Sam Christopher, Matt Norton, Alexander MacDonald


Read Raw April 2013 - Wings

24 April, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue


by Jess Sayer

A road trip with sisters, a morepork and vegans.

Director: Michael Hurst

Cast: Dena Kennedy (Quinn), Chelsea McEwan Millar (Bambi), Simea Holland (Mo)