Auckland Playwrights Collective

a group of Auckland Playwrights


Read Raw 2011

Rehearsed readings of new plays by Auckland's hottest playwrights

Come join in the discussion session and have a drink at the bar!

3 April - 7 pm Herald Theatre Foyer; The Edge
"Fantail" by Sophie Henderson
Director - Eryn Wilson -
Cast - Brooke Williams (Romeo and Juliet, Outrageous Fortune)
Cameron Rhodes (Carnival of Souls, Assassins, The Importance of Being Ernest)
Sam Snedden (Mojo, The Ensemble Project)
Jess-James Pickery-Matteucci
The story of a girl’s love for her brother and the ultimate price she pays for being a hero.

1 May 7 pm Deutz Bar Town Hall, The Edge
"Tough's Haulage" by Justin Eade
Director - Gary Henderson
Cast - Fasitua Amosa, Julia Croft, Paul Fagamalo, Rahul Gandi, Shadon Meredith, Rob Mokaraka
When the men of the aptly named ‘Tough’s Haulage’ removal firm turn up to shift Remuera socialite Victoria Newsome’s, the day starts out just fine. But when hidden tensions surface between conscientious Dave and domineering team leader Markelo, cracks begin to appear in Victoria’s well-groomed life.

5 June 7 pm Foyer Herald Theatre, Aotea Centre The Edge
"Self Defence" by Denis Edwards
Director – Alison Quigan
Cast - Tony Forster, Juliet Furness

In a drama laced with comedy ‘This is the only gym in the world with wheelchair access for disabled boxers’ an elegantly coiffed woman arrives at a tatty boxing gym. This isn’t the first time someone so out of place has turned up there.

3 July 7 pm Limelight Bar, Aotea Centre, The Edge
"Anxiety and the Caravan" by Claire Balfour
Director  – Alison Quigan
Cast - Hayley Baines, Grae Burton, Stephen Lunt, Alex McDonald, Carleen Walsh
Two completely different men with different life experiences from an unlikely friendship - Over the course of one evening they analyze what has happened in their lives and how their past has shaped their perception of themselves and their place in the world.
A light look at how it’s never too late to rewrite your past and take action now to shape your future.

7 August 7 pm Herald Theatre Foyer; The Edge
"The First Asian AB"  by Renee Liang
Director - Edward Peni           
Dramaturg – Oscar Kightley
Cast - Benjamin Teh, Paul Fagamolo
Musician - Andrew Correa
Willy’s a homestay Asian student. Mook’s Samoan and he’s been here for ages. They’re best mates at Timaru High. But when Willy decides his dream is to try out for the All Blacks, mateship – and everything else – is up for grabs.

4 September 7 pm Herald Theatre Foyer, The Edge 
“Mother’s Madness, Lies and Art” by ME Macdonald
Director  – Tony Forster
Cast - Aaron Ward, Stephen Papps, Grae Burton, Michelle Blundell, Michele Hine
During a family crisis, an artist calls her children home to retrieve a sentimental painting. A comedy about identity, image and soul mates.