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Read Raw September 2013 - The Battle of Tai Chi

18 September, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue

The Battle of Tai Chi

by Gavin James

Edgar is a reclusive war veteran with post traumatic stress disorder. Enter Edgar's estranged daughter Kate, a new nurse to help with his treatment and a few secrets from the past and Edgar's stress levels are about to rise.

Director: James Wenley
Cast: Kevin Keys, Natalie Beran, Ruth Wynne

Read Raw August 2013 - Dog

Wednesday 28 August, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue


by Ben Hutchison

Neville’s dog is dead. A retired war veteran, Neville is intent on paying his dog a worthy tribute. He tries to get his hands on a cannon to initiate a 21-gun salute, but those around him are more concerned that the dead dog is becoming a health issue…

Director: Jeff Szusterman
Cast: Bruce Philips, Leisha Ward Knox, Gareth Williams

Read Raw June 2013 - Tuesdays and Fridays

19 June, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue

Tuesdays and Fridays

by Bronwyn Elsmore

Lill and Hope, a bench in the CBD. Apparently two women from very different backgrounds – the “rude bitch on the bench” and the resident of the “poncy place with a wall and gates”. Or are they?

Director: Margaret-Mary Hollins
Featuring: Margaret Blay, Frances Sullivan