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Read Raw November 2013 - Leaving Wonderland

Wednesday 20 November, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue

Leaving Wonderland

by Heidi North-Bailey

Everyone you meet has a story. No one enters your life without reason. What happens when two worlds collide?
  Aspiring writer, Kyra, and party girl, Alice, two young New Zealanders, meet on a chance encounter in a dingy hostel in London, and over an evening they strike up an intense friendship. Strangers, or are they?
  A psychological drama asking the questions: Who can we blame? What does anger make us into? And what does guilt make us capable of?

Director: Matt Baker

Cast: Aimee Gestro, Jess Sayer 


Read Raw October 2013 - Junkies

Wednesday 23 October, 5.30 pm, The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue


a black comedy
by Sally Sutton

Four neighbours are putting out the rubbish. All have secrets, all have regrets. But the harder they try to rid their lives of junk, the deeper they sink into the mess. What’s in Dawn’s bag? Where is Pip’s dog? Why are Fern’s brownies green? Why won’t Chrys stop running? And what is that funny smell? Join us for ‘Junkies’: waste management like never before!

Director: Bruce Brown
Cast: Anoushka Klaus, Amelia Reynolds, Kate Vox, Liesha Ward-Knox